I’ve been an occasional blogger since 2012, under a couple of other titles, Housing Matters and Bronx Tales. They both focused on my “specialist subject”, housing. But I’ve decided to branch out a bit. I was once introduced to someone as “the housing man” and I’d like to think I can be more than that.

So The View from K92 will tackle some other subjects, taking its title from my seat at Leyton Orient, from where I muse about things like football (and other sports), politics, London (and other cities), the state of the world and the greatness of Hugh Grant.

I’ve worked in, written about and campaigned on housing since the early 1990s. I’m a life-long supporter of the labour movement, a socialist and a trade unionist. I also have an academic alter ego (Visiting Fellow LSE, Fulbright Scholar and currently Research Associate, University of Sheffield) and was born, raised and have lived most my life in east London.



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